Thomas Bachem


I'm an internet entrepreneur since 2000, founded and built up multiple companies.


I'm passionate about software development and digital product design. I try my best to contribute to some open source projects.


I want to foster entrepreneurship in Germany, empower young entrepreneurs and strengthen the startup ecosystem.


“Real artists ship.”

Steve Jobs

My Companies & Projects

CODE University of Applied Sciences i.G.

We need to improve higher education for software developers. That's why I'm establishing a private, interna­tional, state-accredited university and campus for the digital tech economy.

German Startups Association

The German Startups Association is the lobby and voice of startups in Germany. I co-founded the association in 2012 and am actively volunteering as vice chairman since.

Scaling Technologies

My very first company – founded in 2000, we support a handful of exclusive and very satisfied customers in hosting and managing their websites and IT platforms.

Germany's most popular job application editor. More than 50,000 people per month use the site to create their professional cover letter & CV. Sold to XING in May 2014.

Bachem Ventures

My personal investment holding that I use to kickstart new projects and manage my business angel investments in other startups.


sevenload once was the largest German photo & video platform. Founded in 2005, people called us the "German YouTube". Sold to Hubert Burda Media in 2010.

United Prototype

United Prototype is a small internet agency – we design and develop websites & online platforms for exclusive customers. Not pursuing any new business right now.


Fliplife was a browser-based online game where players created their virtual lifes and pursued the career of their dreams. Founded in 2010, sold to KaiserGames in 2012.